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3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring

3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring
3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring
3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring

3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring   3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring

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Subscribe to receive emails about new items, monthly deals and special promotions! 8.64 × 8.64 × 5.21 mm. HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT DIAMOND. Choosing the size and shape along with the style of the mounting are important, and very personal, choices.

Diamond is like people-no two are ever exactly alike. Very subtle differences in the internal and external characteristics of each stone, along with subtle variations in colon and cutting proportions, have a measurable effect on the value of two diamonds which may appear to be similar. Start with a good jeweler, one who'll take the time to help you through the 4 Cs-cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Understanding the language of diamonds will put you more at ease in making your selection. Cut actually means two things: the shape of the diamond (round, marquise, pear, oval, heart, emerald, princess, radiant, etc) and the proportions of the stone. When a stone is cut to good proportions, light is reflected from facet to facet, then dispersed through the sparkle, brilliance and fire of the stone. But there are many subtle shade differences that range from collarless to yellow/brown. Diamonds are graded on a colour scale that ranges from D (colourless) to Z (yellow/brown).

Diamonds with no hint of colour at all are extremely rare and are therefore, most valuable. Most gem quality stones appear to be colourless, but they usually have at least a hint of colour. Almost all diamonds contain a combination of internal and external characteristics called inclusions and blemishes.

Normally, they are too minute to be visible without powerful magnification. Some are even so small they require great skill and time to locate. The number, type, location, visibility and color of inclusions determine a diamond's clarity and may influence its value. Like all precious stones, the weight or size of a diamond is measured in carats.

A one carat stone is equal in weight to one hundred smaller units called "points" Therefore, a fifty-point diamond, for example, is the same as a half carat. Carat weight is the most obvious factor in determining a diamond's value, depending on the quality of its cut, clarity and colour.

We pass the savings on to you. Shop our amazing Deal of the Day, Deal of the Week and weekly sales and save hundreds off the competition. DIAMOND ENHANCEMENT FOR COLOR OR CLARITY. Diamonds can be coloured to reach a variety of hues.

Extreme heat and irradiation permanently enhance certain innate colour properties, allowing them to display their hues in more brilliant array. Black diamonds, blue diamonds, brown diamonds and yellow are enhanced in this way for the most consistent color at the best possible price. Diamonds can be clarity enhanced by utilizing special materials to fill the fracture of an included diamond. Gems Nexus sells clarity enhanced diamonds and indicates this by in the text of the diamond description. Clarity Enhanced diamonds may require additional care.

All Gems Nexus diamonds are warranted to be conflict free. If one of our suppliers was ever found to be in violation of that process, we would immediately sever that relationship. We will continue to support and promote any process that works to uphold legitimacy in the diamond trade. Diamonds are mined throughout the world, including major mines in Australia, Africa, Russia and Canada. Diamonds are a major source of good in many African nations, employing and providing healthcare to thousands.

Work to ensure that our gold and metals come from suppliers that meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria. Engage suppliers to influence the sourcing of gold products. Research mining, refinement, and manufacturing practices of gold that moves through the supply chain.

Give preference to suppliers that source gold from mines that observe high standards of environmental stewardship. In concert with our suppliers, commit to increased gold sourcing from recycled and secondary sources.

Measure and establish benchmarks with a goal of continuous improvement. Gems Nexus views its policy on responsible mining as an evolving standard. It commits to continuously review our position with the goal of expanding it over time to have the broadest possible impact. To improve or even change the natural hue of a gemstone, sometimes these stones are enhanced with heat treatment or irradiation.

This process can provide a better-looking gemstone at a much more affordable price. In addition, primarily with emeralds, clear resins and hardeners may be used to fill inclusions or other imperfections for a more attractive stone. This beautifully designed by the Jewellry Heaven guaranteeing its quality and excellence.

Each stone is hand picked and inspected making sure that it has the ulents anywhere you go and will be cherished for a lifetime. I started dealing with Lab Grown Diamonds since 2018, as It is the best alternative to natural diamonds.

I believe, I produce the best customized Diamond jewelry. Over the years, this industry has given me enough practice in the specialization of a vast range of Antique cut loose diamonds. Those can be found on my eCommerce stores under respective categories. "Make Sure You Check Them Out". When it comes to loose diamonds, I do provide some of the rare cuts you might never heard of including Vintage and Old Cut diamonds.

In 2022, I want to raise the trend of these diamonds which have been forgotten. I provide authenticate certificate with my jewelry and Lab Grown Diamonds.

That added credibility and accountability to the Gems Nexus brand. Jewellry Heaven make reasonable efforts to accurately display all products on this site. The color capabilities of the monitor of your computer and the combination of colors displayed can affect the colors that are seen on your monitor. Jeaven Heaven does not represent that the pictures displayed on this website are completely accurate or error-free. With the objective to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable. After speaking to hundreds of women across the country, we came to find that there was a common dilemma women faced - picking between expensive jewellery for special occasions, and everyday jewellery that was of inferior quality and was not keeping pace with their changing lifestyle. Jewellry Heaven was founded, to give women access to modern, fine jewellery, that was also wearable everyday. Note: WE CAN ADJUST MOST ITEMS TO FIT YOUR SIZING PREFERENCES. MOST ITEMS CAN BE MADE TO ANY SIZE AND LENGTH. EVEN AFTER PURCHASING THE ITEM, YOU CAN STILL ASK US TO ADJUST THE SIZE OR LENGTH. WE WILL TRY OUR BEST TO FIX IT IF IT IS POSSIBLE. If you need your order sooner, please ask and we will advise whether that will be possible. Once the package is picked up from our workshop, we cannot be liable for any courier delays due to weather, technical errors or any other reason. Your gift will be delivered in distinctive Gems Nexus gift packing. So whether you order a gift to give to your loved ones personally, or want us to deliver it, the recipient is sure to be impressed. To send a free gift message with your gift, look for the Gift message text box in the shopping bag/cart page. Your personal message will be printed on a distinctive card and delivered along with the gift.

(Not applicable on engraved and personalized products). If the discount was on the gold value or diamond value then the entire discount will be deducted while arriving at the LTE value. If the discount was on MRP, then the discount will be deducted on the actual making charges of the design while arriving at the final LTE value. The prevailing market value will be determined by the company. Gems Nexus reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for specific customers.

Additional 10% will be deducted from the LTE value if the customer does not have the Invoice. An appraisal is a document stating the approximate retail replacement value of an item. It is calculated using current market data, which reflects typical retail prices. The appraisal includes the cut, color, clarity, and either carat weight for diamonds or millimeter dimensions for gemstones, and the craftsmanship of the item. The more information contained in the appraisal, the better chance you have of receiving the exact replacement for that item. We offer life-time exchanges on all our items. We offer the latest designs and styles available in the market.

We offer life-time upgrades so you can get bigger or better. SELL YOUR UNWANTED OR BROKEN JEWELRY. We respond same day we receive your package with offer or options. We offer cash or store credit.

We send back your item(s) same day if you are not 100% satisfied with offer or options. We proudly offer handcrafted engagement rings that are made and quadruple-checked.

Designed together with you by us as a symbol of your love. Being gemstone and diamond wholesalers as well as jewellery manufactures we create a curated personalised selection of the highest quality diamonds at the fairest prices. We're here to help you craft a piece that is elegant, everlasting and uniquely tailored for you. All of our rings are bespoke and handmade by our master craftsman in our workshop located Delhi India. During your appointment once you have selected your perfect centre diamond or multiple set of feature diamonds we work with you to design you ring.

View our sample rings, solitaire, halo, side stone and three stone rings to ensure your then work with us to create you bespoke design. Diamond Education and 24/7 Expert Advice. Additionally, our diamond and jewelry experts are available 24/7 to answer all questions great or small. We can help you compare diamonds, choose the perfect setting, find a matching wedding band, select fine jewelry for a milestone gift-and so much more. It's our pleasure to help.

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  • Shape: Square
  • Occasion: Anniversary, Birthday, Engagement, Graduation, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Wedding
  • Metal: Silver
  • Secondary Stone: Diamond
  • Main Stone: Diamond
  • Ring Size: all sizes are available
  • Personalize: Yes
  • Main Stone Treatment: Heated & Pressure Treated
  • Main Stone Shape: Round
  • Base Metal: Fine Silver
  • Style: Band, Solitaire
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Main Stone Creation: Treated
  • Seller Warranty: Yes
  • Color: White
  • Material: Gemstone, Metal
  • Total Carat Weight: given below
  • Certification: IGL%I
  • Brand: Handmade
  • Setting Style: Prong
  • Diamond Clarity Grade: Very Slightly Included (VS1)
  • Type: Ring
  • Metal Purity: 925
  • Customized: Yes
  • Colored Diamond Intensity: Very Light
  • Theme: Beauty, Love
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: India
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Wholesale: Yes

3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring   3 ct Classic V Style 6 Prong Solitaire Ring